Ward Miller Upsizing

Looking for a new home? Thinking of upsizing? Now is the perfect time!


  • Interest rates are still low

  • You can use the equity you have in your current home 

  • As you increase in price bracket, you will notice more inventory in the market

  • In this market you can sell your house quickly and possibly stay in your home until you find your new home 

  • No, there is no bubble

Interest Rates are low

Economist Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. projects rates to increase 2.125% by 12/31/18. So take advantage of those rates now!

Use the equity in your current home!

According to Megan Aller at Land Title:

Detached residential homes


Attached residential homes:



More Inventory

The under $400,000 market is fueled by the two largest portions of our demographics; Millennials and Baby Boomers. These markets will remain competitive for Buyers. Move up Buyers will have a great opportunity to sell at higher price points and face less competition.


Sell Quickly

In this market, houses are selling quickly! Did you know you could ask the buyer for a post occupancy agreement for up to 59 days while you find your new house?


No Bubble

Are you concerned that we may experience a bubble in the real estate market? Both Megan Aller and Elliot Eisenberg, Ph. D report that the current market conditions do not show signs of a bubble.

  • “This is a market built on wealth and not on credit. You need a high level of inventory to produce a bubble in the real estate market.”- Elliott Eisenberg, National Economist

  • Watch Megan Aller’s video here to learn more

Would you like more information to see if this is a good opportunity for you and your family to upsize or to get a value on your home?